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Reputation Management

Automated Review Acquisition and Management


Manage Reviews: Elevate Your Online Image


In today's world of social media, your online reputation could be the difference between having a business that is thriving or taking a dive. It is now standard practice for a majority of prospective customers to read reviews of your product or service, and to factor that into their buying decision.




Regardless of whether you're an emerging entrepreneur or a well-established enterprise, the impact of customer reviews on your virtual identity cannot be underestimated. Regrettably, a substantial proportion of customers who choose to voice their opinions tend to lean towards the negative end of the spectrum. This is where the Review Manager Reputation Management comes into play – equipping you with the tools needed not only to encourage favorable reviews, but also to mitigate any unfavorable feedback. 


Introducing Review Manager

TGM Review Manager serves as your comprehensive solution for cultivating and orchestrating your online reputation. Our innovative software boasts a holistic range of features meticulously crafted to amplify positive customer reviews across diverse platforms. From orchestrating reviews to adeptly handling less positive sentiments, we have your back.


Effortlessly Acquire More Customer Reviews

Leverage the power of Review Manager with a solitary code snippet that seamlessly integrates into your email footer, thank you page—or can be sent via email. Customers awarding you with 4 or 5 stars are effortlessly encouraged to share their perspectives on a site of your preference. Alternatively, in the event a customer assigns you a lower rating (1-3 stars) and expresses dissatisfaction, they are kindly prompted to initiate a private dialogue with you. This interface provides you with a platform to address their concerns amicably.


Cultivate Reviews on the Most Impactful Platforms

Seize control of your reputation by personally selecting the platforms that showcase your positive reviews in their full glory. Our review platform extends the flexibility of choosing from an extensive array of over 50 review sites, encompassing esteemed platforms like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more.


Mitigate Negative Reviews

At Wintermind, we hold the belief that many negative reviews stem from simple misunderstandings that can be preemptively resolved. Our innovative 5-star rating system empowers you to assess reviewers beforehand, tactfully redirecting potential negative reviewers to a confidential form where you can diplomatically address their concerns. This invaluable feature empowers you to proactively resolve issues before they escalate into public negative reviews.


Vigilant Reputation Oversight

Beyond just facilitating a surge in reviews, our software enables real-time monitoring of reviews across an various platforms. With Review Manager, you will be promptly notified of any incoming reviews, enabling you to respond swiftly and adeptly to safeguard your online reputation.

Reputation Management for One Business Location Starts at Only $449 per month
One or Two Negative Reviews Can Cost Your Business Thousands of Dollars.
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